4 ways businesses use social media to thrive

4 Ways Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

Social media marketing is the new buzz in business. That is why, innovative businesses have recognized the potential benefits of having a presence where billions of people spend their time and money. Let’s look at 4 ways businesses use social media, to market their brands and products.

1 Paid Ads

All major social media platforms have the option to run paid ads. ย When done the right way, paid ads will put your business in front of prospective customers, with the option for direct sales. Plus, it offers features that allow your customers to be engaged, further building brand awareness. Using paid ads through social media will also help you identify your specific market to serve their needs better and increase market share.

2 Competitions

Everyone loves to win. Running competitions on your business page will boost traffic and increase engagement. Users are likely to follow your pages closely if they know theyโ€™ll have a chance to win something. And when they need something that you sell, your business will be their first choice.

3 Stories

Stories are a great way to build interest around your brand. Businesses use it to grab and hold their audienceโ€™s attention. You can use Instagram and Facebook stories as teasers to drive traffic to your website. An excellent feature about stories is that they disappear after a specific time, so your audience will never feel bombarded.

4 Analytics

Social media platforms gather information on the preferences of users. These analytics can prove invaluable in helping you to target the right audience for your business. An expert social media marketer can use your analytics to help you to craft the best online strategy.

Quality not Quantity

So, now you have learned 4 ways businesses use social media to thrive. But before you go off flooding your business page with posts, remember that the key is to do it right. Give viewers quality instead of quantity, and if you think you need help, get a social media marketer who knows how to take your business to the next level.

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