This is us, we love our field of work - Social Bizz-Buzz. About us - our company, team and core values.

Hello, nice of you to drop by: this is us; Social Bizz-Buzz, and we love our field of work! To create advertising campaigns that make our clients shine, is our goal. And we prefer to do that with bold, appealing, and crispy artwork. Our mission, after all, is to help our clients increase their brand value with highly visible marketing and remarkable advertising.

That is why we create sizzling slogans, memorable tag lines and outstanding marketing concepts that make our clients’ brands and products stand out. We want our clients to succeed, and to have the best marketing available in the Caribbean. So, we live by our tag line to ‘Get the Buzz into your Bizz’. Our bee mascot is our inspiration.

We Love our Field of Work

So yes, we love our field of work. And the best part? Well, even though we have been at it for 30 years now, we still find new challenges and new things to learn every day! Our field of work, the world of branding, marketing, and advertising, is just fascinating.

Our Company

Social Bizz-Buzz was founded in 2017 as a full-service branding, marketing, and advertising agency. It is registered at the Chamber of Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean with a diverse population who speaks four languages. Although our agency is quite young, our experience is not. Meet Jorge Cuartas, he is our leader.

Jorge Cuartas - CEO of Social Bizz-Buzz has 30 years experience with marketing. We love our filed of work.

For 30 years now, Jorge Cuartas has developed marketing campaigns for several companies.

He has worked for small, medium sized, and international businesses in the Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, Hospitality, Aviation, and Retail. Also, he has assisted Government, Non-Profit, Education, Arts and Broadcasting organizations in the Caribbean and in The Netherlands.

Jorge holds degrees in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. He is also a certified market researcher.

About Us: Meet Our Team

Our experience is expanded even more by the team of people we work with. Social Bizz-Buzz has teamed up with over 100 Caribbean based graphic designers, photographers, video-producers, web designers, animators, Instagram influencers, social media specialists, Google ads gurus and many others. These professionals are top experts in their industry and follow what is hot (and not) among Caribbean consumers. Our experts are hired by project, which means that our overhead costs are small, a benefit we pass on to our clients.

What about our Core Values?

Our core values are professionalism, reliability, and honesty.  


We pride ourselves on being professionals. When we speak, we base ourselves on skills and high standards. For example, when we create social media content, we do not just help you increase your engagement. We also design artwork which wows, track results of your campaign, and help you increase your leads. 


Being reliable is the second core value we pride ourselves on. Having short deadlines, delivering on time in good humor, finding solutions for unforeseen challenges, they are all written in our genes. When we say your campaign is launching at 7am on Friday, you can count on all materials being ready long before that. You can relax: your radio spot will air, your newspaper ad will be placed on the correct page, your Google ads will run. In short, reliability brings you peace of mind. 


Honesty is the third core value we are proud of. If the results of a campaign are good, we will tell you. But if they are bad, we will inform you just the same. As we are all human, sometimes even our best ideas do not work. Also, when necessary, we will tell you that your ‘great idea’ is not that great. We do not sugarcoat our opinion. And in the end, our honesty will save you money. However, we do combine our honesty with alternatives. That way, you always have an option for your great idea. 

Professionalism, reliability and honesty are our core values - Social Bizz-Buzz

Love our Field of Work also?

So now that you know who we are, and what we stand for, what is your next step? Contacting us, seems your most obvious step. You can use the contact form for that, or any of the following options: Telephone/WhatsApp: (+5999) 690 – 5948 | E-mail:

You can also get to know us better through our Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Whatever you do, just remember we love our field of work. We are eager to help you ‘Get the Buzz into your Bizz’.