Branding, Marketing and Advertising are our main services

Social Bizz-Buzz offers a broad range of branding, marketing, and advertising services. We can make a simple logo, but also develop a full-blown campaign.

We believe that our services should reflect our core values. That is why we maintain high standards for our services, and always deliver on time. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, and honesty. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Services Focus on Visibility

As a full-service agency, we focus on helping businesses increase their visibility. By creating catchy slogans, for example. Or by designing remarkable logos, obtaining the best billboards, and getting you noticed in newspaper ads.

Online and Offline Services

All our services are offered both online and in traditional media. Because we understand that Caribbean marketing is not only about creating an online presence.

Online, we create multimedia productions and manage your social media. We also help you set up a web shop with payment options for local customers, and optimize your presence on Google. 

Offline, we create snappy slogans and use top notch photographers. We write scripts for your radio and tv ads. And we create a consistent look and feel for your brand. We are also experts in generating free publicity. To realize that, we write your press releases and get you an interview on radio and television shows.

Our Services are Custom Tailored

We focus on delivering services that are tailored to your needs. After all, what works for one business, does not necessarily have the same effects on other businesses. That is why we keep track of the developments in your industry and apply that knowledge to your advantage. 

And last but not least, we guarantee a high level of service. We make no distinction between big or small clients, established businesses or startups. Once you are our client, you are Royalty.

Our Services by Category

In short, Social Bizz-Buzz is your one-stop-agency for all your marketing needs. Click on any of the icons below to find out more. Or contact us now.

Social Bizz-Buzz - our services include branding


When people talk about branding, they usually mean their logo, their colors, and their fonts. But we take branding a step further. First, we help you identify your core values. Second, we define your brand identity with those values. Third, we create moments to show off your brand. And fourth, we monitor your brand for a consistent look and feel. In short, we create a top-of-mind position for your brand. 

Social Bizz-Buzz - our services include marketing


Need help with your product launches, consumer research, pricing strategies, or the distribution of your products? Then, you have come to the right place. Our marketing services help you save money and increase visibility.  


Social Bizz-Buzz - our services include advertising


What do you get when you mix an original slogan with an exquisite design? Well, memorable advertising, of course! Our team has a long-standing reputation in creating eye-catching ads. Furthermore, we help you find the right media for your advertising.

Social Media | Social Bizz-Buzz

Social Media

On social media, you need to entertain and engage customers. You do that with beautiful photos, funny videos, extraordinary designs, and snappy captions. However, creating original content can be exhausting. That is where we come in. We generate ideas and manage your social media calendar. You can just focus on your business.

Websites | Social Bizz-Buzz

Online Presence

In this day and age, businesses need an online presence to survive. That means at least a web shop with local payment options, a high ranking in Google, and catchy online ads. We help you with all of these. The result? More traffic and more sales, of course!

Graphic Design | Social Bizz-Buzz

Graphic Design

Bold fonts, crispy logos, unbeatable colors. When it comes to graphic design, our team always makes your brand shine. That is the result of years of experience!

Multimedia | Social Bizz-Buzz


What kind of multimedia ae you looking for? Animated graphics? A slide show? Audio books? Or maybe a whiteboard animated explainer? Whatever you wish, we can help you.

Traditional Media | Social Bizz-Buzz

Public Relations

Where is the Buzz? In your brand, products and company of course! You just need to get the Buzz into your Bizz. How? By letting us help you to get noticed in newspapers, radio and television.

Training | Social Bizz-Buzz


As a business owner, there is a lot you can do yourself to improve your marketing skills. We teach you the basics in our one-on-one coaching sessions.

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