A positivity campaign by Social Bizz-Buzz on Instagram to uplift the spirits of SME's in the Caribben

Social Bizz-Buzz launches Positivity Campaign

A new Social Bizz-Buzz campaign launches today on Instagram. Called Positivity, it aims to change the mindset of small and medium sized businesses in the Caribbean. The positivity campaign will run for several weeks.

When talking to our clients, we have found them paralyzed by the ongoing recession.

They are demoralized by what they perceive to be a buyer stop. And they are terrified by the fact that business-as-usual has not returned, even after seven months of pandemic. As a result, they have stopped investing in new products and reduced their marketing to almost zero. It is as if they have settled into a state of mind of ‘hoping for the best’.

Positivity campaign by Social Bizz-Buzz aims to revitalize SME's in the Caribbean


At the same time, we have recorded a second trend. While attending our webinars, online marketing training sessions and one-on-one virtual coaching trajectories, we have seen many SME’s reinvent themselves. In these online sessions, we have shown over 250 SME’s in the Caribbean how to apply simple tweaks to strategize their marketing. As a result, they have been able to revitalize themselves.

Positivity Campaign

Hence, our Positivity campaign. We have combined inspirational quotes, affirmations and beautiful photos into several Instagram puzzles. Each puzzle focuses on one single theme, whereby each theme gives ideas on how to improve your marketing. The campaign will run for several weeks. You can follow it on our Instagram page.

Online Learning

At the same time, we have added new dates and new topics to our list of coaching. Our Online Learning now offers twelve different webinars for the month November 2020. For example, a new webinar about retail marketing in recession times. And another one about creating a successful Christmas campaign. But we are also repeating some of the more popular sessions, like the webinar with practical tips on how to boost your Facebook posts. You can follow all sessions at a fair price, or sometimes even for free.

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