The market value of Staycations in Curaçao is estimated a 17.2 million dollars

3 Interesting Stats about Staycations in Curaçao

How big is the potential of Staycations in Curaçao? And is the hospitality sector fully using this potential? An online Social Bizz-Buzz survey gives the answers. In this blog we cover 3 interesting stats.

With many travel restrictions still in place due to the Corona pandemic, the hospitality sector around the world turned to Staycations. Most did so overnight, without researching the needs and expectations of local clients. That is why, the Social Bizz-Buzz survey focused on the criteria locals use to select a Staycation in Curaçao.

Staycation in Curaçao Survey

The survey took place from July to September 2020. Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we targeted all age groups and both sexes. When answering the survey, people could choose their language of preference: Papiamentu, Dutch, English, or Spanish. As a result, the survey was completed by 487 people living in Curaçao.

1. Overnight Stays

A staggering 89% of the Curaçao population is interested in a Staycation. Most (39%) would choose a Staycation with 3 or 4 persons, but a group of 5 or more is also popular (35%). Least popular is the singles or couple Staycation: 27%. The ideal average length for everyone is 3.5 days. Even in the most conservative calculations, these numbers roughly translate into 62,000 overnight stays.

2. Venue

For their Staycations, locals prefer hotels above houses or apartments. While 64% choose a hotel, only 36% opt for an apartment or house. However, the bigger the group is that you are taking a staycation with, the more you tend to look for a house or apartment.

3. Market Value

While 42% is willing to pay $70 to $100 per day per person for their Staycation, another 16% is willing to pay more than $100 per day. On the other hand, Budget Staycations of $30 max per day per person are the preferred choice of 7%. Even in the most conservative calculation, these numbers put the market value of Staycations in Curaçao at $17.2 million.

So, think about these numbers if you work in the hospitality sector in Curaçao. Are you tapping into the full potential of Staycations on the island?

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