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In a world where you can do everything yourself, by either Googling it, or by following a tutorial on YouTube, why do you need to hire a marketing agency?

1 A marketing agency saves you time. No discussion: you can manage a Facebook page, create a Google ads campaign or design with an online tool yourself. But most probably these are not your main field of work. Publishing original content to social media, monitoring the results of an online campaign, or creating artwork that sparks, will take you more time, than hiring an agency. You could spend that time on developing new products, or on selling to clients.

2 A marketing agency saves you money. First, the time you save by hiring an agency is money. Second, agencies receive and pass on discounts from printers, newspapers and other suppliers to you. Third, agencies monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. They will warn you to stop running, tweak a message or change a promotional offer, long before you run out of budget.

3 A marketing agency helps you grow your business. People who work at agencies know the latest trends, follow the latest technologies, analyze what your competitors are doing, and understand what customers need and want. Agencies use this knowledge to increase your brand and product awareness. This will grow your business.

4 A marketing agency increases your visibility. In a world where customers receive hundreds if not thousands of messages from several brands and products, no company can survive without visibility. Your business needs to have a Top of Mind position for customers to be able to even remember you.  A marketing agency will do exactly that.

Social Bizz-Buzz is a full-marketing service agency with over 25 years of experience with branding, marketing and advertising. The list below is an indication of the services we offer. Contact us today to discuss your possibilities.


Branding | Social Bizz-Buzz

Brand Audit | Online Branding | Outdoor Branding | Branded Events | Branding Concepts | Sponsorship Branding | Influencer Branding | Merchandising | Promo Teams | Brand Planning | Brand Visibility | Brand Buzz


Marketing | Social Bizz-Buzz

Marketing Strategy | Market Research | Marketing Plan | Target Market Assessment | Media Plan | Marketing Campaigns | Idea Generation | Conceptualization | Evaluation | Product Launches | Event Management | Public Relations


Advertising | Social Bizz-Buzz

Copy Writing | Design | Production | Placement | Newspaper Advertising | Radio and TV-spots | Billboards | Printed Materials | Online Advertising

Social Media

Social Media | Social Bizz-Buzz

Visibility Audit | Target Audience Strategy | Social Media Management | Content Calendar | Post Scheduling | Post Boosting | Campaign Evaluation | Content Curation | Design | Photography | Copy Writing | Social Videos

Traditional Media

Traditional Media | Social Bizz-Buzz

Media Channel Planning | Media Target Audience Strategy | Media Buy


Multimedia | Social Bizz-Buzz

Video Productions | TV Spots | Company Video | Animated Videos | Social Media Videos | Editing | Sound Productions | Radio Spots | Jingles | Photo Shoots | Model Selection | Location Spotting | Story Board Creation | Production and Editing

Graphic Design

Graphic Design | Social Bizz-Buzz

Logos | Flyers | Brochures | Catalogs | T-shirts | Newspaper Ads | Billboards | Online Ads | Graphic Animations: Logos, Icons, Mascots


Websites | Social Bizz-Buzz

Website Audit | Website Registration | Web Design | Website Maintenance | SEO | Google Ads | Google Display | Google Analytics | Online Surveys


Training | Social Bizz-Buzz

Social Media for Starting Businesses | Setting a Marketing Budget | Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses | Setting and Achieving Marketing KPI’s | How to become an Influencer

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