Small budgets work to create marketing visibility.

Marketing Visibility

Marketing visibility is essential to survive the global economic crisis. That has been proven in the past by local businesses who survived economic downturns. Those that advertised, survived. Businesses that remained silent, did not.

You generate marketing visibility with advertising, public relations, or a combination of both. Social media and online advertising are your least expensive options. However, due to the crisis, several radio stations, local papers, and other traditional media are more than willing to strike favorable deals with your company.

Limit Messages

Marketing visibility also improves by limiting your messages. Instead of communicating everything about your company, you stick to one theme. For example, you present your small business as ‘the quality choice’ or as ‘the best service in market’. If you are planning several sales to survive, you are better off by positioning your company as the ‘always low prices’ option. By limiting your messages, you not only reduce costs but also make it easier for customers to remember you. The chance of becoming their preferred supplier, will increase.

Consumer Habits

Another way to increase consumer spending, is by understanding the habits of your customers. These habits changed a lot during the lock-downs. Customers in the Caribbean have become more safety conscious and spend more cautiously. If you understand consumer habits, you can adapt your tone of voice and create relevant product offers.  

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